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Tongue Cleaning and Oolitt's Mission...
It started 20 years ago with a simple thought - Why is this ancient art of prevention - tongue cleaning unknown in North America? Archaeologists have unearthed Roman tongue cleaners dating back to 100 A.D. Tongue cleaning has been prevalent since the middle ages among royalty and nobility throughout Europe.OOLITT set out on a massive search to understand why this important step in oral hygiene and total body health had been overlooked. Here's what OOLITT found:

The mouth is a mirror of our health!

Studies have shown that poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, and oral microorganisms are closely linked to:

• Heart attacks and strokes
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Emphysema and other lung diseases
• Premature and low birth weight babies
• Cavities among children

Also, 90% of bad breath comes from our mouth. So why is effective tongue hygiene (removal of oral bacteria) not implemented for our total body health?

OOLITT's Mission:

To provide meticulously researched, designed, and tested tongue cleaning products. Products that are the most effective, comfortable and easy to use and deliver fresher breath, a cleaner mouth, and a healthier body...for the entire family!

To use a portion of the profits to serve the underprivileged children and battered women throughout the world.

OOLITT Tongue Cleaners have been clinically proven as the #1 Brand Name in Dentistry.

• By Consumer Reports of Dentistry CR Foundation (formaly CRA)
• University of Buffalo and UCLA Fresh Breath Clinic
• University of Minnesota

OOLITT® Tongue Cleaners are the original innovation, patented and proven for over 20 years.

Doctor Recommended! FDA Approved! Safe and Easy!

The OOLITT® Tongue Cleaner is the “Original Innovation" and has been voted the BEST TONGUE CLEANER on the market!


Centuries ago, there was some emphasis directed toward tongue cleaning. Ancient devices have been found that are believed to be implements to scrape debris from the tongue. These are from various locations including Africa, South America, India and Arabia. However, in most early cultures, tongue cleaning probably was not practiced by many people, since even the body as a whole was cleaned only occasionally. In some cultures, there were old wives’ tales promoting the idea that cleaning the body of oils and secretions was harmful.

JADA, Vol. 129, November 1998

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