Bad Breath Test

Easy Bad Breath Test

Do you have bad breath or Halitosis?

Anaerobic bacteria that resides in the soft tissue surfaces of the mouth, primarily the tongue, causes bad breath. The tongue's surface traps and accumulates food debris, dead tissue, and blood elements. Anaerobic bacteria decomposes the protein in these materials, forming two noxious sulfurous gases, hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. These gases are the primary causes of bad breath.

  • An estimated 90% of people have periodic bad breath or morning breath.
  • An estimated 40% suffer from chronic halitosis.
  • 90% of all halitosis originates in our mouths, 80% comes from our tongue.
  • Toothbrushing alone does not clean our mouths.
  • Toothbrushes are designed to clean our teeth and are not an effective tongue cleaner.
  • Researchers have proven that mouth washes, breath sprays, and mints only temporarily mask bad breath.

How do I do a simple bad breath test?

  • Use unscented dental floss and smell.
  • Take a swab with gauze from the back of your tongue and smell.
  • Lick your wrist, wait 2 secondsand smell.

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Simple Bad Breath Test - A simple alternative?

Scientists have long thought that the smelling one's own breath odor is not very reliable due to our all too human ability to become used to almost any situation (e.g.- working in a fish store). Detecting bad breath in someone else is a lot easier than to detect it in ourselves. Researchers suggest that a simple bad breath test isn't so simple after all. Some people are sure that they have bad breath because of a bad taste in their mouths (metallic, sour, fecal, etc), however bad taste is not a very good indicator.

For these reasons, perhaps the simplest and most effective way to know whether one has bad breath is to ask a trusted adult family member or very close friend. If the confidant confirms that there is a breath problem, he or she can help determine whether it is coming from the mouth or the nose, and whether a particular treatment is effective or not.

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