Choosing a Tongue Cleaner

Choosing a Tongue Cleaner

  • A tongue cleaner should effectively lift the plaque and other debris from the crevices of the tongue, leaving the tongue healthy pink and not just glide over the top surface of the tongue.
  • It needs to reach the back of the tongue, so you will want to choose a tongue cleaner that is comfortable and has a good grip on the handle.
  • The OOLITT Tongue Cleaner is clinically proven to reduce gagging, for people who have a sensitive gag reflex.
  • It is important that the tongue cleaner is easy to use, easy to clean and priced right.

The OOLITT™ Tongue Cleaner is the “Original Innovation”, and has been voted BEST TONGUE CLEANER on the market because its unique rippled edge cleans the tongue most effectively. Put your tongue to the OOLITT™ test… After Effects Guaranteed!

How To Use OOLITT:

Hold OOLITT in one hand, adjust the Comfort Angle for ease. With Ripple Edge on the extended tongue, gently sweep from back to front and rinse debris.

Repeat 2-3 times untill the tongue becomes healthy and pink. Rinse mouth well. Use twice daily.


Replace OOLITT every 3 - 4 months, or after suffering from a sickness such as a fever, cold, cough, yeast or other infection.

What Professionals and our Customers are saying about “Choosing an OOLITT Tongue Cleaner”

And why they're glad that they did

  • Easy to Use !
  • Effective !
  • Safe !

"Research has shown to date, OOLITT with its patented beveled ripple edge meets these basic criteria."
- Marvin Cohen, D.D.S.
Founder of Halitosis Research Institute

  1. Available in flexible and non-flexible choices for individual needs.
  2. Clinically proven to function without gag reflex.
  3. Designed to comfortably fit the tongue's contour.
  4. Reaches the posterior for removing the largest bacterial colonies.
  5. Effectively detaches the soft plaque without gliding on the surface.
  6. Effective, Comfortable and Easy to use.