OOLITT Advantage

What is the OOLITT Advantage?

• OOLITT Tongue Cleaners have been clinically proven as the #1 Brand Name in Dentistry.
• By Consumer Reports of Dentistry C.R.A.
• University of Buffalo
• University of Minnesota

OOLITT was the first tongue cleaner to receive high ratings by CR, (formally known as CRA) that listed as one of the highly recommended products in February. 1995 CRA Newsletter

Clinical studies at CR and UCLA found OOLITT brands to function without causing a gag reflex and OOLITT products were rated the most patient-friendly and effective device available in the market.

• OOLITT® Tongue Cleaners are the original innovation, patented and proven for over 15 years
• OOLITT’s ® Tongue Cleaners are meticulously designed, and all our products feature our patented ripple edge to efficiently remove food debris, plaque and other bacteria on the tongue.
• OOLITT® Tongue Cleaners are clinically proven to function without causing a gag reflex.
• Our patented design allows for a firm grip, and more control for effective tongue cleansing.
• Doctor Recommended!
• FDA Approved!

Tongue Cleaning

• May help increase taste acuity for the elderly.
• Effective for smokers in removing heavy plaque build-up from smoking.
• OOLITT is available in a variety of designs to serve the needs of all age groups.

Did you know that...

• The mouth is a mirror of your health?
• Put your tongue to the OOLITT test!
• After effects guaranteed!!


• Doctor Recommended!
• Patented Design!
• F.D.A. Approved!
• Tongues – our most forgotten and least pampered body part!
• Grab your OOLITT and  •give your tongue a workout…
• You will be surprised how refreshed your whole mouth will feel!
• And it's a perfect exercise for all ages!

"Scientifically designed to fit the tongue's contour and more effectively detach soft plaque from the tongue's surface."
- Wendi Gouker, R.D.H.

Why not try the Oolitt Advantage?