Oolitt 4 Kids

Oolitt Jr (Oolie) Tongue Cleaner (6 Pieces)   NEW
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" Oolitt Jr a valuable aid for preventative mouth care. "
- Wendy Gouker, RDH

Benefits of Tongue Cleaning for Children

"If children are put on habit of daily tongue cleaning,
there would be few incidences of ear,
nose and throat infection. Hence fewer antibiotics!"
- Dr. Ray Wunderlich, M.D., Preventive Medicine

"Why are we ignoring children? Like adults, children too
are equally under attack by millions of disease
causing bacteria, which are easily and efficiently
removed by daily OOLITTING."
- Steve Parrett, D.D.S., Pioneer in Bacteria Monitoring

Oolitt Jr (Flexible) - Pkg. of 7
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" OOLITT Jr may help prevent dental plaque, bad
breath, cavities, gum disease, common cold
and sore throat "
- Rebecca Reed, RDH

Mom, its fun! I see yucky stuff coming out!
This is really good, I feel the bumps now (on my tongue)
I love my OOLITT, it makes my tongue feel good not all slippery and gross! I use the one for adults now because I am bigger.
 I could not belive, instantly what a difference his mouth has received... Thanks OOLITT - jr. You cured my son and his embarrassing problem with braces!