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"An example of an excellent inexpensive tongue cleaner is OOLITT-elite" "Ask Gordon Christensen", Dental Economics, April '02 - Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
- A World Renowned Leader in Dentistry

“Quite frequently other tongue cleaners have a smoothed edge, which does not have the efficacy of OOLITT’s beveled ripple edge. Children should start this habit as early as they start brushing their teeth to avoid dental diseases.”
- Alan Drinnan, M.D., D.D.S.
The Late Distinguished Service Professor at Buffalo University

“If your office espouses the concept, why not offer the best tongue cleaner?”said Editor Joe Blaes, DDS about OOLITT in Dental Economics, April ’02, “Pearls for Your Practice”

“OOLITT-elite is the best-known brand in the dental profession.”Said Bernard Schechter, DDS, “Selling Home Care”, Dental Economics, August ‘01

Good health begins
with a simple step...

a cleaner,
healthier mouth!

OOLITT and Tongue Cleaning have been featured on ABC, 20/20, CNN, and Fox.

20/20 concluded...Tongue cleaning is the key!"

Over 3 Million Sold to "Satisfied Customers"!

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"Everyday, infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, alongwith food particles and cellular debris collects on the rough surface of the tongue. Daily use of OOLITT most effectively helps prevent related diseases."
- Ray Wunderlich, M.D.
Author of Natural Alternative to Antibiotics & Candida Yeast

“May prove to be a safe remedy towards illnesses – Upper Respiratory, Yeast Infections…”
- Ray Wunderlich, M.D.
Eminent in the Field of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion

  "Unfortunately using a toothbrush is only 45% effective. Using a tongue cleaner increases this by 34%. The new "dual action"oolitt elite makes it twice as effective. It is comfortable and easy to use by placing it back as far as you can and pulling forward with overlapping strokes. It starts your day in a healthy way."
- Donald Vollmer, DDS
- Mary Lou Vollmer, RDH

"OOLITT was selected for the clinical trials, based on the popularity as compared to other tongue cleaners and showed satisfactorily significant reduction in malodor."
- Nachnani, S. MS,
Co-founder UCLA Halitosis Fresh Breath Clinic
"Research has shown to date, OOLITT with its patented beveled ripple edge meets these basic criteria. Long term testing has shown that OOLITT truly addresses the entire mouth in control of oral diseases."
- Marvin Cohen, D.D.S.
Founder of Halitosis Research Institute
"Tongues – our most forgotten and least pampered body part! Grab your OOLITT and give your tongue a workout…You will be surprised how refreshed your whole mouth will feel! And it’s a perfect exercise for all ages!"
- Wendi Gouker, R.D.H.
"If children are put on habit of daily tongue cleaning, there would be few incidences of ear, nose and throat infection. Hence fewer antibiotics!"
- Dr. Ray Wunderlich, M.D.,
Preventive Medicine
"Effective tongue cleaning will reduce the occurrence of cavities and periodontal disease as well as will enhance your sensitivity to taste and touch."
- Carol Meyer, RDH,
Author of Breathless...Your Practical Guide

Smokers Oolitt Testimonials:

"I am a smoker. The freshness I experience with OOLITT® adds a winning touch to my mouth, all that heavy coating build-up on my tongue is gone. I cannot go without using OOLITT® , three times a day since I like to smoke and not to offend my co-workers... "
- Mrs. Pat Covill, age: 44
"I used to brush my tongue. After trying OOLITT® for the first time, six years ago, I was shocked to see how much more "gunk"it removed from my tongue than my toothbrush. Now, I have tried other generic tongue cleaners, but they just are ineffective. I love my OOLITT® . Try it, you will discover the difference..."
- Mrs. Toni Paolo, age: 62
"My goodness! My girlfriend gave me a hint by giving me OOLITT® Breath Wand, I used it just once in front of her and I have become kissable, morning and night... So simple, quick and effective to remove so much bacteria."
- Michael Lou, age: 21
"Wow, what a difference. I have always suffered from bad breath...smoking didn't help matters any. I love my OOLITT! I can see the difference, my mouth feels clean and I am confident when talking face to face with people.
- Shondi Allan, age: 40

Elderly Oolitt Tetsimonials:

"I really wonder why OOLITT® tongue cleaner was not invented before! I use it twice daily without fail and tell everyone how refreshing the mouth remains. Also, I taste my food better as all that covered stuff is out, leaving taste buds opened. This winter, I did not even catch a cold and cough either.... Wow! "
- Anna Mann, age: 74
"I have to go to my dentist every three months to get my teeth cleaned due to heavy plaque build-up. Since I’ve been using OOLITT® , my dentist and hygienist both have been amazed to see such clean teeth and have asked me what have I been doing differently."
- Maurice Hangle, age: 70
"It sounds like a perfect add! I have added OOLITT® to my routine of brushing and flossing twice daily. I purchased several to send to my family members and friends who need this refreshing touch.... My father and my father-in-law included...."
- Michael Palenik

OLITT® -jr. users Testimonials:

"Mom, it's fun! I see yucky stuff coming out!"
- J. R. Russel, age: 6

"This is really good, I feel the bumps now (on my tongue)."
- Travers Gates, age: 8
"Tell me how many mothers face terrible problems with their childrens breath? Many. I could not stand my son's breath. Complains came from his teachers and peers. His braces also were stinky - the whole mouth was awful. A friend gave me OOLITT® -jr. to try on him. I could not believe, instantly what a difference his mouth has received... Thanks OOLITT® -jr. You cured my son's bad breath and his embarrassing problem with braces!"
- Mrs. Sandra Rogers
"Why are we ignoring children? Like adults, children too, are equally under attack by millions of disease causing bacteria which are easily and efficiently removed by daily OOLITTING."  
- Steve Parrett, DDS
Pioneer in Bacteria Monitoring

"I really like my Oolit Jr. because it is a little kids size. I no longer have to use my mommy's any more."
Sebastion King age

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